Quick Facts

  • Incorporated on 29 Dicember 2013 from Records Management
  • Established by Mr. Alwi Mohd Yunus, senior lecturer of Faculty Information Management UiTM.
  • operated from Faculty of Information Management, UiTM Puncak Perdana


Malaysia Records Management Society (MARMS) was established in 29 December 2013 and was founded by Mr. Alwi Mohd Yunus, a senior lecturer in the faculty of management information UiTM. The idea of the society establishment was triggered in order to expand the field of records management in Malaysia. Among other purpose of this society is to connect and develop professional relationships for the purpose of strengthening and establishing records management as a specialized discipline and critical in Malaysia.

A strategic plan was developed to cultivate local entrepreneurial talent. The plan involved utilizing a pool of ready talents in universities and incorporating a society that would serve as Malaysia’s sole records management agent of change in Malaysia. The team was headed by Alwi Yunus, who are a lecturer at UiTM Malaysia. Together with a team of about 50 senior lecturers and ex-students, MARMS became fully operational on 1 January 2014.

This networking looks forward for the establishment of first ever Malaysian Records Management Association (MARMA) connecting those professionals in the field of records and archive management. The aim of this society is to establish records management profession among government agencies and business organization in Malaysia. A number of future programmes are underway, includes conference, workshop, collaboration with industries – research activities, MOU, exchange programs, certification programs, training programs, development activities – records systems, and affiliation with other records management association around the globe such as Records Management Society of Great Britain, NARA and ARMA.

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