About Us


join_marmsMARMS is a professional networking for Records Management Professionals in Malaysia where we connect and expand professional relationship for the purpose of strengthening and establishing records management as niche and critical discipline in Malaysia. This networking looks forward for the establishment of first ever Malaysian Records Management Association (MARMA) connecting those professionals in the field of records and archive management.

Objective of establishment of MARMS are:

  • To be a centre of excellence in management, consulting, research and training.
  • To provide education and training in the field of records and information management to improve the level of skilled manpower in Malaysia to meet the needs in the field of records management
  • To give professional recognition to participants who attended any training programmes in the field of records management and archives
  • To build synergies between records management and ICT as well as the IT industry.
  • To implement and assist in research and development in the core techniques, records management and information and identify best practices in the field of archive management, tracking major initiatives around the world
  • To carry out consulting services expertise and designing and creating short-term courses that are required for an effective relationship with the industry and consumers.
  • To publish reference materials for records management and efficient for members

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