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Another Success Story

From ‪#‎MARMS‬ Desk – i have known him for many years and he is very committed, forward looking, practical, dynamic and integrated person, very IT literate and graduated from records mgmt background in 2004 and now work as project director of IBM-Mesiniaga, with his right attitude he is now earnig handsomely after just some years in IT! Just another story of success from our alma mater! Well done and all the best to him!

Join Malaysia Records Management Society (MARMS)

FROM ‪#‎MARMS‬ DESKS..Assalamualaikum W.B.T… Dear students, Join Malaysia Records Management Society(#MARMS) Why join the association? Membership is an affordable investment in your profession and career. FYI, MARMS offers the lowest membership fees compared to other records management associations (you can Google). Among the benefit of becoming the member are discounts to attend events@training, free journal publication, access to a large amount of information including past seminar and convention proceedings, a continuing professional development scheme, negotiated discount rates for other organisations events as well as networking in the Read More +

Ex-Students IM226/IM246 Detail is Required

FROM ‪#‎MARMS‬ Desk…..Assalamualaikum wbt,kepada semua bekas pelajar rekod(IM226/IM246), kami memohon kerjasama daripada anda untuk mengisi details anda seperti nama, alamat tempat bekerja, jawatan, nombor telefon dan alamat email di dalam document ini anda amatlah dihargai 

Online Registration MARMS

#‎MARMS‬‘s Desk……ANNOUNCEMENT! MEMBERS TO BE (ex-students, ex-graduates of FPM), please be informed that ONLINE REGISTRATION for MARMS’s Membership will commence in 2-3 weeks time. The website for that purpose is under constructions, pending completion, should you need to register earlier, please put your email address here in this posting and MARMS’s Committee will email you the registration forms, return the FORM to and fee for MARMS’s membership is attached to the form. New Members must make payment to MARMS’s bank account (will be posted Read More +